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In the fast and competitive aviation industry, achieving the dream of becoming an airline pilot requires not only impeccable technical skills but also a determination and passion that push beyond limits.

It’s with great pride that we announce the hiring of 12 of our new students at the Irish airline Ryanair, a milestone that symbolizes the steady growth of our Flight School and the commitment and perseverance of these young pilots.

At Cantor Air, we are constantly committed to providing our students with the necessary tools to cultivate every training continuously and smoothly. We focus on ensuring the availability and efficiency of aircrafts, providing the necessary resources, and offering the expertise and professionalism of theoretical and practical instructors. However, success is never guaranteed; it stems from the combination of these "means" with each student's personal commitment. It is this fusion that makes extraordinary results possible.

The journey to the cockpit of a Boeing 737 is known to be far from a simple trip. It begins with the PPL, but this is only the first stage of a series of challenges our students must face. After the PPL, they encounter the formidable 13 ATPL exams, and just when it seems the worst is over, they delve into the IR and then into the CPL phase. Along this training path, some of these students have encountered challenges: some have struggled with certain ATPL exams, others have found the rigorous approach of the IR more demanding, and yet others have even endured some overly accentuated maneuvers during the UPRT course.

However, these 12 students have persevered and, with determination, have reached the final step. 

Each and every one of them, with their unique qualities and individual characteristics, has distinguished themselves, and sure will have a secure place in our hearts!

Cause what makes our Flight School special is precisely this: the incredible bond that is created with the students, who become part of a family. Here, it's not about numbers or cadets, but about names and surnames with specific personalities and attitudes, and behind each one, a connection that doesn't easily fade away.

Today, Roberto, Matteo B., Francesco, Diego, Andrea B., Matteo N., Andrea C., Alberto C., Nicholas, Alberto M., Shagal, Valerio are preparing to soar the skies of Europe aboard the Boeing 737 and we could not be prouder of each of them.

Guys, your achievement is not only a personal success but also a proof to the strength, determination, and dedication that each of you has put into your journey. You represent the best of our flight school and embody the values of commitment, perseverance, and passion that are fundamental in this world, and you know it well.

We hope to see you live in these hard-earned uniforms! But in the meantime, we wish you that every flight brings new emotions and challenges and that you may always enjoy Endless Blue Skies.

Happy Landings!

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