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We are pleased to announce a new partnership that will revolutionize the beginning of the experience for aspiring pilots at our Flight School. Cantor Air is now the special school partner of CAVOK Medical Center, the first Italian Civil Aeromedical Center authorized by ENAC to issue first-class medical certificates to aspiring pilots.

This collaboration represents a significant step forward for Cantor Air Students and CAVOK Medical Center, but above all, it offers a series of extraordinary benefits for our cadets.

What makes this partnership so extraordinary? Let's find out together what opportunities open up for Cantor Air’s aspiring pilots.

Main Benefit: First-Class Medical Certification Without Waiting

One of the most significant aspects of this partnership is the reduction in the time required to obtain first-class medical certification. Students enrolled at Cantor Air will no longer face long waits for medical clearance, allowing them to progress in their training path without delays or unwanted interruptions. Thanks to CAVOK MEDICAL CENTER and the numerous dates available on the calendar, the process of obtaining medical certification will be smooth and fast, ensuring a stress-free experience for aspiring pilots.

Exclusive Benefit: Reserved Prices for Medical Examinations

Previously, our students already had access to special rates for the renewal of Class I and II medical examinations at CAVOK Medical Center.

We are now pleased to announce that our students will also benefit from a reserved price for obtaining the first-class medical examination, making the entire process even more straightforward and affordable for them.

 A New Horizon for Cantor Air’s Aspiring Pilots

 In summary, the partnership between Cantor Air and CAVOK Medical Center represents a significant advancement. With the ability to obtain first-class medical certification without waiting and at a reserved price, our students can look to their future with optimism and determination.

This partnership not only allows us to offer a more efficient service but, thanks to the already scheduled monthly dates, it eliminates long waits for the start of courses, guaranteeing students an immediate start of the program to become an airline pilot, without 'forced' pauses waiting for the medical fitness requirement.

We are excited about this partnership and the extraordinary opportunities it offers our students.

We will continue to work tirelessly to provide an exceptional learning environment and contribute to the training of the pilots of the future.

Are you already enrolled in a course at Cantor Air and wish to proceed with obtaining the First-Class Medical Visit?

Then we invite you to contact the CAVOK MEDICAL CENTER institute in Varese and book your visit!

Tel. 0331.116.0008
E-mail: info@cavok.it
Via Del Gregge, 100 - 21015 Lonate Pozzolo (VA)

Are you not yet enrolled at Cantor Air and want to receive more information?

Then we invite you to contact our Flight School. You will discover not only how to become an Airline Pilot but also all the related facilities for the medical visit.

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