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During the days of the Pilot Expo Berlin 2024, Cantor Air is pleased to announce the acquisition of five new Tecnam aircraft. This strategic move underscores Cantor Air's relentless commitment to providing cutting-edge and sustainable learning experiences in the aviation world.

The key handover, which took place at the Pilot Expo Berlin, marks a significant moment in Cantor Air's history. With the introduction of three new four-seat P2010 TDI and two additional two-seat P2008JC aircraft into its fleet, Cantor Air is paving the way for an increasingly exciting future in pilot training.

Since its inception in 2007, Cantor Air has been distinguished by its commitment to excellence and innovation in aeronautical training. The decision to expand the fleet demonstrates the school's ongoing commitment to providing cutting-edge resources to its students, offering them unparalleled learning opportunities in the industry.

"Our decision to expand the fleet reflects our commitment to quality and sustainable training," says Roberto Magnani, Head of Training at Cantor Air. "We are determined to provide our students with the best available resources to prepare them for the challenges of the aviation industry."

With the addition of these new aircraft, Cantor Air brings its fleet to 19 aircraft, along with a state-of-the-art simulator, preparing to push new boundaries in the aviation training sector while remaining committed to transforming aspiring pilots into competent and confident professionals.

The decision to opt for the new Tecnam aircraft also reflects Cantor Air's strong commitment to a more sustainable future in aviation. These aircraft not only offer optimal performance and superior comfort but also significant advantages in terms of emissions and noise reduction. Thanks to advanced technologies and high-efficiency engines, the new Tecnam aircraft help reduce environmental and acoustic impact, promoting a more sustainable and comfortable flight experience.

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