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On September 18th, Cantor Air celebrated a meaningful event in its long history: the inauguration of the 25th Private Pilot License (PPL) Course. Twenty-five passionate aspiring pilots have embarked on their journey towards the dream of becoming airline pilots, guided by the experience and precision of Cantor Air's program.

With 25 aspiring pilots in the group, enthusiasm and dedication are palpable in every lesson and training flight. These future pilots are undergoing comprehensive and in-depth training, preparing them for their next step: the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) Theory Course that will start in May.

The students of the PPL-25 recently completed an intensive theoretical phase of 119 hours, which culminated just this past Saturday. A distinctive feature of Cantor Air's courses is the 100% classroom approach to theoretical lessons, ensuring total immersion and deep learning. This commitment not only provides a solid understanding of theory but also lays a robust foundation for the practical skills that students will acquire during flight missions.

These flight missions have already started, underscoring the effectiveness of Cantor Air's rigorous teaching method. In fact, the PPL-25 students started flying just three weeks after the beginning of the theoretical course and are nearing their first flight “progress test”, challenging their abilities in practical situations.

The PPL Course at Cantor Air offers a comprehensive experience where students not only gain technical skills but also develop a mindset of safety, responsibility, and professionalism. The school treats PPL with the utmost seriousness, considering it the fundamental first step toward becoming a professional pilot of excellence. During this initial module, Cantor Air is committed to ensuring students develop the necessary skills for their future.

Looking ahead, Cantor Air anticipates that the first PPL-25 students will complete the program (and obtain their PPL License) by January 2024, highlighting the school's serious and dedicated approach. The PPL course at Cantor Air lasts for 3-6 months, during which students are thoroughly and comprehensively prepared.

In conclusion, Cantor Air stands out as one of the few flight schools offering 100% classroom-based theoretical lessons, a crucial element contributing to the success and optimal preparation of its students. The 25th PPL Course is a tangible testament to Cantor Air's unwavering commitment to shaping exceptional pilots, ready to soar the skies with safety, competence, and passion.

Congratulations, everyone, and best of luck for this exciting start to your careers!

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