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After months of waiting, the beating heart of Cantor Explore reignited in the thrilling opening episode of the second season. Our adventurous student pilots—Barbara, Simone, Luca, and Andrea—soared through the skies, departing from Valbrembo Airport (LILV) and landing in Spain with their travel “buddy”, the Cessna 182Q I-ELLY. Their epic adventure is already underway, with a stopover at Sabadell Airport, a small airport near Barcelona (LELL), followed by a landing at Granada Airport (LEGR).

With the first episode now behind us, Cantor Explore invites us to follow in their footsteps through a new episode full of emotions and adventures.

But what are the next stops that the four pilots will face before reaching their final destination? 

Watch the second episode here

Discover it now in the second exciting episode on Cantor Air's YouTube channel! The Cantor Explore trilogy promises a succession of thrills, breathtaking landscapes, and unforgettable moments that will keep you glued to the screen.

Your front-row seat, as always, awaits you to unveil the next secrets that the Cantor Explore team has in store for you! 


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