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Beyond Flight School: a True Family of Pilots!

In the heart of Cantor Air, there are not just airplanes and flight lessons, but a TEAM made of students and staff, extending beyond the boundaries of an ordinary flight school. The story of Lorenzo, Stefano, and Alessio, three young Airline Pilots who began their journey as aspiring pilots in the PPL 15 course and continued together in the ATPL 12 course, is a genuine reflection of the values that define our flight school.

Gerosa Alessio

At Cantor Air, TEAMWORK among students and staff, including instructors and other personnel, is not just a concept but a lifestyle. Our approach, which prioritizes 'quality over quantity,' allows us to focus on the personalized training of each student, with the opportunity to truly get to know every single individual deeply.

This commitment to excellence translates into extraordinary results:

90% of our students find employment with top airlines within six months of completing their training

This isn't just a statistic; it's a tangible testament to the quality of our training and the success of our pilots. But it's not just that—this is possible because in Cantor, there are no numbers or IDs; there are individuals who share a common passion for flight and a burning desire to learn and grow together. A sense of belonging and friendship are, in fact, the foundations upon which our school is built.

Tartaglia Lorenzo

Lorenzo, Stefano, and Alessio represent exactly what happens in our ATO: we are more than a flight school; we are a large family of pilots. After a few months, they proudly return to our operational base in Valbrembo, the place where their dreams took flight, proudly wearing the uniforms of their respective airlines - Lorenzo from Wizz Air, Stefano and Alessio from ITA Airways - with the aircraft that took them up high as background; a powerful symbol of their incredible journey.

We thank our 3 graduates for this photo that captures the essence of what makes Cantor Air special: the transition from course mates to true friends, from students to professional airline pilots.

Campironi Stefano

In this family, every member is an integral part of each other's success. We love to transmit this message: Cantor Air is not just a flight school; it's a place that turns dreams into reality and students into family members.

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