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Achieving the milestone of being hired by a prestigious airline is a coveted goal for many students. For three Cantor Air students, this dream has become a reality. 

Marco, Francesca, and Dario didn't achieve their success by chance; they stood out among numerous candidates thanks to their high level of preparation, determination, and commitment.

Air Dolomiti, an integral part of the Lufthansa Group, recently welcomed aboard our three young Pilot Trainees after successfully passing the challenging DLR test, a milestone in the airline's selection process. 

The DLR test is designed to assess a wide range of skills and abilities deemed essential for Lufthansa Group's cockpit personnel, including problem-solving, teamwork and multitasking workshops, information assimilation and management, and many others.

Dario Chiari

The DLR test represents only the first phase of the selection process, followed by simulator evaluations and interviews, making it one of the most rigorous and challenging selections currently present in the sector. 

Marco, Francesca, and Dario were among the few selected students who distinguished themselves and successfully completed the selection program.

Marco Boccalatte

Being hired by an airline like Air Dolomiti, part of a leading aviation group such as Lufthansa, is a prestigious achievement for any pilot. We are proud that our three young pilots have demonstrated the qualities necessary to be part of such a demanding and prestigious team.

Francesca Tommasella

Congratulations Marco, Francesca, and Dario on your success! We are immensely proud of this goal achieved and wish you a career filled with continued satisfaction.

See you on board!

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