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Get ready to take off on January 29, 2024, with our course designed for aspiring Flight Instructors. A unique opportunity to turn your passion for aviation into a professional career!

The main goal of the Flight Instructor course is to develop an advanced level of "Proficiency" in candidates, essential for ensuring they can assume the role of ‘Flight Instructors' with utmost safety and competence. This training is particularly crucial for teaching in qualified courses such as the PPL (Private Pilot License).

Entry Requirements

To participate, candidates must meet the following prerequisites:

• hold a CPL (A) license;

• have passed the CPL(A) theoretical knowledge exams as prescribed by PART-FCL;

• have completed at least 30 flight hours on SEP class aircraft, of which 5 hours in the last 6 months;

• have received 10 hours of basic IFR instruction, of which no more than 5 on an FNPT or approved Simulator;

• have completed at least 20 hours of “Cross Country” as PIC, including a flight of no less than 540 Km (300 NM), during which at least 2 landings must be made at 2 different airports from the departure airport;

• have passed an “Entry Check” flight test with the HT or his delegate, within the six months preceding the course, to ascertain the candidate's suitability.

Course Structure

Theory: The course includes 125 hours of theoretical lessons, held from Monday to Friday in the afternoon, for about 4 hours a day. Theoretical lessons will take place in the classroom, but there is also the possibility of conducting the entire theoretical course in e-learning mode, depending on the classes needs.

Practice: The 30 flight hours included in the course will begin after completing about 70% of the theoretical program. Specifically, 25 flight hours will be conducted using aircraft such as C152, C182, PA28R, C182Q, and CAP10, while the remaining 5 hours will be on the FNPTII simulator, specifically the ALSIM ALX model. Flight scheduling is organized weekly, adapting to the individual availability (no restricted time slots) of each student. The airport is operational and available to students every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday, offering the possibility to fly according to their own needs.

Final Exams

At the end of the theoretical course and after completing all the scheduled flight missions, students who are deemed suitable will face the practical exam. This exam will be conducted in flight by an external ENAC Inspector.


The course will run continuously for about 3-6 months. The theoretical part is scheduled by the school, while the practical part will be organized according to the individual availability of the students.

Costs and Payment Methods

The total cost of the course is 12,990.00 euros, and includes 125 theoretical hours and 30 practical flight hours (of which 5 hours on SIM). Payment is installment-based over the duration of the course (3/6 months = 3/6 installments).

How to Enroll

If you meet all the required prerequisites, you can proceed with enrollment by contacting the secretariat at the email address info@cantorair.it. First, it will be necessary to book the ENTRY CHECK flight, which represents the first step for admission to the course. This test, conducted by the Head of Training or his delegate, is an essential requirement to start the course. The cost of the ENTRY CHECK flight, which corresponds to a 1.30-hour flight on a C152 aircraft, is included in the total cost of the course.

However, in case of FAIL, a payment of 290,00 €/h will be required.

Enrollment Deadline

Enroll by no later than 22/01/2024. The ENTRY CHECK must be completed by 28/01/2023.


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