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In early December, after careful research spanning several months, CANTOR AIR and NEOS SPA have signed a significant partnership agreement, committing the ATO to the training of excellent pilots according to the high standards set by the company. This collaboration offers CANTOR AIR students a unique opportunity to be recruited as first officers on B737 aircraft with the prestigious Italian airline.

The agreement includes a unique program dedicated to CANTOR AIR students, allowing them, upon completion of their training, to participate in selections to become NEOS pilots. This program also involves the company's personnel in monitoring students during the intermediate phase, allowing for the pre-selection of students based on their theoretical and practical performance in various training phases. Subsequently, selected students will have the opportunity to participate in NEOS's formal selection process, concluding their training with the MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) course in accordance with the company's directives and procedures.

Candidates who successfully pass these selections will have the unique opportunity to participate in the Type Rating program on the Boeing 737 offered by the airline. The goal of this partnership is to train increasingly qualified and competent flight personnel, enabling NEOS to achieve an added value of quality and to consolidate the effectiveness of flight operations at the highest levels of safety.

We at CANTOR AIR are proud of this partnership with NEOS, as it solidifies the ATO as a reference point in pilot training, offering students a competitive advantage in pursuing a career as Airline Pilots. CANTOR AIR, with the vision of being a springboard for the success of its students, is committed to providing resources and support for those intending to realize their selections in NEOS, ensuring they are adequately prepared to face the selection steps with the right skills to achieve success in a career as airline pilots with this prestigious airline.

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