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Our guys grow up and we grow continuously together with them.

We always say that these young students are the heart of our school.

To give us a brand-new jolt this time are 6 guys who told us the best news we could ever hear.

In fact, Davide, Thomas, Mohamed, Stefano, Gianmarco and Alessio have fulfilled their dream of becoming pilots, this time however by joining the prestigious ITA AIRWAYS airline company.

In fact, for the first time in the history of our ATO, the students brought the school colors to the Italian company, surely crowning their dream, but also making us particularly proud of this incredible success.

The 6 students best represented the ATO CANTOR AIR which, with pride, can declare itself fully satisfied given that ITA AIRWAYS has found in them the right requirements to expand the team of its flight crews. An important step that affirms how much our ATO is sailing in the right direction.

A difficult path, the one of becoming a professional pilot, which requires a lot of study and perseverance and which puts the students in conditions of continuous, and ever higher, operating pressure as the training continues. The aim is only to train them in the best possible way to get the most out of each of them. A very high level that each of these young pilots has been able to reach.

A result therefore earned, which rewards their hard work and gratifies us immensely. Guys with different personalities, but united by a great passion for flying and a strong desire to win, thanks to which they have been able to manage the constant pitfalls of the course, extrapolating the strength to take off this incredible new flight.

Anyone starting a pilot's career knows that the challenges will not end, and that's why the six students have already passed a new test that allowed them to qualify for the AIRBUS A320 aircraft, thus starting this amazing new journey.

On this occasion we also wish to congratulate Federico, Nicholas and Paolo. 3 other students of our ATO who, after starting their profession as pilots elsewhere, have decided to continue their career in the Italian company.

Congratulations to all of you and thank you for having decided to entrust your future to us.

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