We Are Cantor Air

The aviation company Cantor Air S.r.l. was founded at the beginning of 2007 thanks to the passion and the devotion of its associate, both civilian and military flight professionals. Aviation became their moral and professional goal in life.

With the primary aim to become one of the best Flying Training Organizations in Europe, Cantor Air decided to focus on excellent training: to achieve this result, Cantor Air entrusts its students to professionals of the sector, who transmit to the young students passion, skills, and above all, the necessary experience to become great pilots.

Our Story

One of the best ATOs in Europe since 2010.

Our Mission

Quality training according to the highest European standards.

Our Values

Commitment, excellence, results: this is what we give and what we ask of our students.

The excellence of aeronautical training

Commitment, perseverance and the strong desire to grow lead Cantor Air to achieve the "Flying Training Organization" certification in 2010, issued by E.N.A.C., then consolidated into the "Approved Training Organization" certification under the new EASA regulations, becoming thus a European-certified flight school with the identification number IT.ATO.0004.

In the last couple of years Cantor Air stood out as a flight school through the use of the most advanced aeronautical learning methodologies, modern teaching technologies along with its highly qualified instructors.

Cantor Air's classes are not only related to the traditional topics needed to acquire the licenses and/or ratings. Cantor Air wants to provide students a full training which also includes subjects such as Flying Safety, CBTA (Competency-Based-Training and Assessment), SMS (Safety Management System). This allows the ATO to provide a competitive and complete training package suitable for many kind of jobs.

The quality level of our training is proved by the interest shown by numerous European Airlines.

Students are the focal part of our organization and we consider them the most precious element. Thanks to all of them, Cantor Air is today a strong winning team. 

Name origin

Near Selvino, a small town located at an altitude of 1000 meters in the Bergamo Pre-Alps, at the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Perello, there is a small stream: the Cantor stream. 

The Cantor stream can be reached via a narrow path that appears after a few steep curves, partly skirting the bed of the Val Pagana, with several cliffs and waterfalls.

The Sanctuary of the Madonna del Perello was built where the Madonna appeared in 1413 and according to tradition, supported by a papal bull of 1498, the existence of the cult of the Blessed Virgin has been attested in that place since the first half of the 15th century.

The apparition of the Madonna is handed down by popular belief which reports "A green olive tree rose above a dry beech tree". At the point where the Madonna appeared, she asked to build a church.

The devotion of the aviators to the Most Holy Madonna is well known. Hence the choice of the name Cantor for a flight school so rooted in the territory and at the same time projected towards the international market.


Cantor Air wants to establish itself on the market as a solid company capable of transmitting high professional standards, becoming a leading flight school in Europe and capable of providing services of absolute value.

Achieving goals through rigorous and excellent methodologies and focusing on quality, distinguishes Cantor Air from other flight schools. The training imparted by Cantor Air is based on rigorous and effective teaching in order to allow its students to achieve the highest standards in compliance with safety as defined in the "Safety Policy".

Want to Know More?

The Cantor Air team is ready to answer any questions regarding our services and offers.