Aircrafts used to train our students

The Cantor Air flight school’s fleet consists of aircrafts that are functional for the training of the students.

As prescribed by EASA, each aircraft is controlled and managed by a C.A.M.O. (Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation) which is responsible for airworthiness, sets deadlines and supervises maintenance works.

Maintenance is carried out by the technicians of CANTOR AIR TECH, a maintenance company controlled by the CANTOR AIR group, which is a Combined Airworthiness Organisation (CAO) certified by EASA as IT.CAO.0013.

All students and staff of the ATO Cantor Air can study, work and grow in a completely safe environment. All this is thanks to the maintenance and control of the aircraft which takes place according to the highest standards guaranteed by the intervention of its own maintenance organization.  The latter represents a rapid and efficient apparatus that constantly intervenes on the aircrafts of the fleet which, in this way, are always available for training according to a rigid and effective schedule.

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