Our goal is Excellence

Cantor Air flight school IT.ATO.0004., is extremely formative. It represents a secure investment for the tomorrow of its students: thanks to their hard work and serious commitment, the school will indeed set them on the path to a professional career. 
Many former students, as proof of this, have been enlisted in major European airlines. 

The school's instructors are extremely knowledgeable and will be true guides for their students. A prime example is Captain Roberto Magnani, Head of Training of A.T.O. Cantor Air: having been discharged from the Military Aviation after 21 years of experience in the Italian Air Force, since 2011 he has represented an absolute leader who brings a rare mark of quality and seriousness to the field of aviation teaching, thanks to his decades of experience and his qualities as an instructor. By his side we find true professionals, teachers from the most diverse branches of aviation activities with a vast wealth of experience, whose teaching skills are evidenced by titles and awards from all over the world.

Parents who decide to support their daughters and sons in this challenging but extremely satisfying endeavour will guarantee them an education equal to a prestigious university which, at the end of the course, can be transformed into concrete job opportunities in the world of aviation. Witness to this are, once again, the alumni, who as soon as they finished their course of study at Cantor Air ATO were called, still very young, by the most prestigious airlines. Rigor, dedication and passion are just some of the values that have enabled 90 percent of our students to join airlines within 6 months of finishing their courses.
Cantor Air is a school of now well-established experience that has distinguished itself from the beginning by its goal of training students at the highest level. It has achieved official certification issued by E.N.A.C, certified at the European level, and in the years to follow has distinguished itself in the landscape through its modern teaching methods, advanced technological tools and highly qualified staff.

The keyword is "excellence," which Cantor Air aims to achieve and renew every day: through its courses, preparation is total and covers the student in 360 degrees, with specific teachings techniques shaped to meet the different characteristics of each student, thanks also to the full availability of the Instructors who study their students in depth to accompany them better in the air as well as on the ground. In fact, the training does not end when they touch the ground, but also includes essential technical information such as specific data on Flight Safety and Teaching Methodology. With this all-encompassing knowledge acquired, the student will be able to skilfully juggle responding successfully to various market requirements. Further proof of the validity of Cantor Air's teaching is the collaboration with various European entities, which precisely realizes the dream of employment applicable across the continent. 

Cantor Air, synonymous with strength and certainty looking to the future: "Fly as you train, train as you fly!"

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