Testimonials from our alumni

Read the testimonials of our alumni, who have become airline pilots for major airlines!

Penso che un doveroso ringraziamento sia il minimo per tutta la passione e l'energia che Cantor Air ha messo nel permettermi di raggiungere il mio sogno.

Ho trovato istruttori fantastici che con le loro diverse provenienze tra Aeronautica Militare, Piloti di Linea e Istruttori professionisti, mi hanno potuto fornire delle solide basi e un rigore nella condotta e pianificazione del volo, molto difficile da trovare in altre realtà. Posso infatti assicurare che la preparazione che fornisce Cantor Air è di gran lunga superiore ad alcune scuole europee.

Un altro aspetto che può confermare l'alta qualità della scuola, è che dopo aver terminato tutti i brevetti, sono stati molto presenti e attenti nel favorire la mia riuscita nelle opzioni di selezioni presso le varie compagnie aeree.

Tutto questo è stato possibile anche grazie ad un Leader d'eccezione come il Com.te Magnani, che nonostante tutte le difficoltà dei vari periodi, ha sempre cercato di favorire la mia crescita e la realizzazione del mio sogno.

Semplicemente Grazie

Cosenza Matteo

Ho iniziato i miei studi in Cantor Air quando avevo 17 anni e ho finalmente realizzato il mio sogno di diventare un pilota di linea. Il percorso è stato a tratti impegnativo, ma anche grazie al supporto ricevuto dalla scuola, sono riuscito a raggiungere il mio obiettivo. 

Ringrazio specialmente il Comandante Magnani che mi ha sostenuto dal primo momento fino all'ultimo esame, ringrazio il personale amministrativo per la disponibilità e gli istruttori per gli insegnamenti ricevuti. Consiglierei Cantor Air a chiunque voglia intraprendere questa professione.


The first time I came in Cantor Air, I was 17 years old and in my years of high school. Now that I have fulfilled my dream of becoming a pilot for an airline like Ryanair, I look back and see how important the choice of a flight school like this was. Here, I found professionalism at all levels, from the instructors to the administrative staff, to the maintenance team. The teaching method and training at this school helped me effortlessly pass the interviews I underwent. For these and a thousand other reasons, I would recommend Cantor Air to anyone who wants to make this wonderful world their profession and their life. Thank you, Cantor.


I recommend Cantor Air to anyone interested in learning to fly. Both the instructors and the secretarial staff are highly qualified, attentive and available; they were always ready to help me where necessary and to answer the most disparate questions. The lessons are well structured, including briefings and de-briefings, incredibly useful tools for continuous improvement.The learning environment is positive and professional. The training is undoubtedly challenging (especially if you work full time), but I learned a lot and at the same time I had fun.The fleet is in excellent condition, thanks also to the internal maintenance company which guarantees a quick and efficient service throughout the week, including weekends.Cantor has also an excellent reputation in the industry and the quality of my training was immediately recognized, both in Europe and in the USA.This gave me a big advantage when I started looking for a job: less than a month after the end of the MCC I had already successfully passed an airline selection, and I will start the type rating on Boeing 737 shortly.In summary, I highly recommend Cantor Air to anyone who wants to become a pilot, whether private or commercial. I am sure you will have a positive and satisfying experience like mine.


Professionalism, constant search for improvement and availability are the strengths of this school. Cantor Air does not limit itself to transferring knowledge and technical skills to its students but takes care of each of them. For me it was not only a flight school but also a school of life. I would recommend Cantor Air to anyone who is looking for top-level training and who is ready to put themselves out there.


Cantor Air has been my second family. Thanks to them I grew up as a person and an aviation professional. Since I started my first steps at 16 years old, I've always been trained by valuable instructors with a great passion for aviation. Cantor Air has not just been my flight school; they gave me precious teachings to achieve my childhood dream of becoming an airline pilot and building my professional attitude. I would like to thank all the people that helped me achieve this goal, from front desk staff to maintenance, together with all the instructors. A special thank goes to Capt. Magnani, whom I've been guided by to fulfil my priceless dream of working for a successful airline.


I think a thank you is not enough. Cantor Air was in fact able to provide me with a training of the highest level, up to expectations, aimed at training airline pilots of tomorrow. As if all this was not enough it is also a beautiful environment in which to start your training, the instructors all have an enviable experience and at the same time are always available and professional. Obviously my biggest thanks goes to Com.te Magnani who has always been a point of reference during my stay in Cantor Air. "


Studying at Cantor Air was a fantastic experience. I was immediately welcomed by fantastic, helpful and professional people with the desire to transmit the passion of flying to the next generation of pilots!


Now I'm here, flying in the skies of Europe and honestly I have to say a sincere thanks to my parents, my travel friends but above all to the Cantor Air flight school, which perhaps most of all taught me to be a man and to get by even in the most difficult moments.


Describing the best time of my life in a few lines is not easy. Cantor Air is the best flight school that any girl or boy with a great passion for flying can aspire to. In addition to a great professionalism and organization, it allowed me to receive training well above the average. Thanks to a beautiful environment and excellent instructors, they were able to enhance my passion even more which, in a very short time despite the Covid19 pandemic, allowed me to occupy a right seat (for the moment) in one of the airplanes of Ryanair. It has been a path that, in addition to making me grow professionally as a rider, has also made me grow a lot as a person and for this I only have to thank them. Thanks are many! To the instructors who, coming from almost all aviation fields, each give their fundamental contribution, even if they are all standardized. To the Secretariat, always ready to help us and organize everything. Finally, the biggest thanks goes to Commander Magnani! Without his great and complex work this beautiful reality would not exist, always very present with us and ready to do everything to give us the best training. "


Passion, discipline and family are these three words, which in my opinion best describe Cantor Air. Thanks to this school I have realized my dream: to become a professional driver. Every single instructor with rigor and discipline has always encouraged me to give my best and to demand it, transmitting his passion and experience in teaching, thus allowing me to grow professionally as a pilot, but above all as a person. I would recommend Cantor Air as I found a second family here, always ready to help you and which allowed me to lay a solid foundation for my future. Thanks Cantor! “


I will thank Cantor for my whole life because she made me a man and prepared me to take on this job as a professional. Cantor was the right choice I could have made, the choice that changes your life!


What I experienced when choosing Cantor Air was wonderful. I found an excellent environment to grow as a man as well as a driver. A strong, disciplined and determined group above all my wildest expectations, with which I was able to best express all my potential day by day.


Having reached the end of my training course, I must thank those who have contributed to the realization of a dream. I am grateful to Cantor Air for the high level of preparation offered, which allowed me not only to achieve all the goals set but also to progress in my personal growth. I hope that the professionalism and passion shown by the school will always be elements of distinction in the training of us future pilots. A special thanks to Com.te Magnani for his support and constant availability ".


I remember well the first meeting I had with Cantor Air. I had made an appointment to request information on the ATPL course. In a short time I received an appointment: I was expecting a quick interview in some office, and instead the Head of Training immediately took me to visit the Hangars and the school fleet. I remember that he explained to me many technical details about aircraft maintenance: a beautiful and interesting experience ... and it was only the beginning! The training path to become a pilot is not always easy, but the professionalism, organization and availability of ALL the Cantor Air and Cantor Tech staff, they created a solid, pleasant and above all SAFE environment to allow me to enter and grow professionally in the aviation industry. And it is thanks to the passion for teaching and high quality resources that Cantor Air makes available to its students who spends very little time between theoretical lessons on the desks and seeing the shadow of the plane you are at the controls, slip away under you during the first take-offs! Alessio Rota


Thanks to the school that made my biggest dream come true. His concrete professionalism and seriousness played a decidedly relevant role for the position I hold today. I will always be fond of this organization!


From the beginning, Cantor Air has been much more than just a flight school. Passion, effort and determination are the keywords that CPT Magnani used to give me the necessary strength to reach the top of this wonderful journey. I thank all the members of Cantor Air’s Staff for always believing in me and for showing me the right path to follow. I will always be proud to have been part of this great family. Fly as you train, train as you fly


Cantor Air was my first choice as a flight school and has accompanied me through all the path it takes to become an airline pilot. The great professionalism of all the staff, from the secretaries, to the instructors and technicians, allowed me to learn a lot about the world of aviation and mature as a person. I will never stop thanking my parents, Commander Magnani and all the Cantor Air staff for getting me to where I am now, to fly a Boeing at 38,000 ft.


My career in Cantor Air was not just a course of study, it was an experience that made me grow from all points of view. I found a stimulating environment that never left room for doubt about the choice of this school. I hope to raise the name of the school and to be equal to this team even now that I will become a professional. Proud to have been part of it! Thank you so much!


From the very first open day of Cantor Air, I understood that it was the flight school that suited my needs and my dream. I decided to bet on Cantor Air, on Head of Training Roberto Magnani and on all the staff. Thanks to the support of the instructors who followed me personally and my classmates, I reached the goal I set myself on the first day of the ATPL01 course in September 2011.


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