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Riccardo and Francesco: new Ryanair pilots

It's a wonderful 2018 for Cantor Air students, who continue to deserve excellent successes. This time we talk about Riccardo Ferri and Francesco Pierotti who last week reached an important milestone, also passed with honors to the Ryanair selections, the last "Step" of a long and tortuous journey.


Riccardo Ferri

Riccardo and Francesco managed to collect every single teaching and despite the difficulties, they concluded the courses with remarkable results, far exceeding the hard standards imposed by the ATO, demonstrating the operational maturity that Cantor Air wants to obtain from its students.
Their commitment and efforts have allowed the two boys to find success in just 45 days from the end of the courses.


Francesco Pierotti

Now, they will both leave for the Ryanair training centers, where they will study to obtain the B737-NG type rating.
Riccardo and Francesco, we are proud of you and wish you more and more success in this wonderful world of aviation.

Fly as you Train, Train as you fly
Cantor Air Staff


2018 is confirmed as a spectacular year for the Cantro Air ATO students who continue to obtain excellent results.
This time it’s about Andrea Paoletti who decided to give us the “Great news” bringing in Cantor Air an excellent Prosecco. Delighted, Andrea wanted to celebrate his well-deserved passage to the selections in Ryanair.


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Our first pink eagle has taken flight: brava Giorgia!

She is Giorgia who at only 17 years old, driven by an uncontrollable passion for aviation, obtained the PRIVATE PILOT LICENCE in 2015.
After completing High School, she started the ATPL Theroy course and all the necessary modules, until obtaining the Commercial Pilot License, dedicating herself fully in this path.

giorgia pelliccioli

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Marco: a quality confirmation!

We are glad to announce you another Cantor Air pilot success.
We are talking about Marco Comellini, another student who has passed the Ryanair selections in June, confirming an excellent Trend in terms of preparation for the ATO students.


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Bravo Fabio!

Congratulations to Fabio, who, last week, has passed the Ryanair selections brilliantly.
Another Cantor Air student who joints the Irish company, which is one of the best opportunity for the new generation pilots.


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