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Cantor Air is back stronger than ever before

The images we are publishing lately are not old pics of our photographic archive but have been made in these days.
In fact, with great enthusiasm, our ATO officially resumed flight activity on 12 May 2020 and finally, after almost 2 months of STOP, our team came back together and more determined than ever.
This LOCKDOWN has been an unexpected and hard blow not only for our wonderful aviation world, but it has affected different fields.
Despite the serious health emergency, our school has however immediately sought the most suitable solution to mitigate the problems arising from this emergency.


In fact, on March 16 the ATPL 13-2020 course continued through distance lessons while both the new PPL 18-2020 and ATPL 14-2020 course began on e-learning, proposing exactly what happens in classroom, through a platform authorized by the ENAC Authority.
All this by implementing actions to guarantee the classic quality and excellence that distinguishes our school.
CORONAVIRUS is a war still underway, whose front in Bergamo was the outpost; CANTOR AIR wanted, since the beginning, to fight and win this this war and its staff dealt with this period with maturity and diligence, constantly preparing themselves to provide our students even more effective means and avant-garde standardization, so to provide the most important skills to be competitive in the new challenges that await us.

At the moment we are witnessing a generalized pessimism, especially in aviation, but we are convinced more than ever, that after the storm the clear always comes. But just because we must not be dominated by the storm, we must be ready to fight it. Julius Caesar, said "If you want peace, prepare for war", well, we must be sure that for the aviation world, "Preparing for war" has two important meanings for our students: KNOWLEDGE and COMPETENCE!

It’s precisely for this reason that we have resumed operations with vigor, determination and with the passion that has always distinguished us, sure of preparing future CAPTAINS, stronger than before, with the virtues of the greatest Italians women and men , who know how to roll up their sleeves and they know what to do at any time, with the motto "NEVER GIVE UP" that comes from FIGHTER PILOTS and that Bergamaschi (people from Bergamo) personalized it in the now famous "MOLA MIA".

Anyway, dear students, we are READY, and if you are like us, then you will see that we will sail towards clear!


4 new Pilots in SmartLynx Airlines!

Gianpaolo, Andrea, Alessandro and Ruben; four young guys who, after having obtained the TYPE RATING on A320 aircraft, have been hired by the company, our partner, SMARTLYNX AIRLINES.
Four different guys, but with a common GOAL to achieve: the one to realize the dream of looking the world from another perspective, becoming airline pilots.
The students, who come from different courses, have always differentiated themselves thanks to very determined personalities.
Like our 'good giant' Gianpaolo, who never gave up despite some slight hitch during his way, but who thanks to his sunny disposition and great tenacious has managed to get to the end of the path, getting an incredible positive ALTERATION, becoming a determined man and an excellent pilot.

smartlynkEven Andrea, who hasn't seen too many difficulties during his path, showed up from the first days as a serious guy and with the ‘hunger’ to know every single detail of this spectacular world, without ever lowering his guard down and winning the esteem of all the instructors, who have always been sure that at the end of all, the reward for his sacrifices would have come.
Seriousness that also characterized Alessandro who always had a real ‘aviation’ passion, which allowed him to reach a very important goal. It is known, however, that to achieve excellent results, great interest is not enough and in fact, he has been able to add hard work together with a lot of determination and tenacity and has arrived where he deserved to go. He has shown a great escalation in his path and today he is a pilot with excellent flying skills.
But if we talk about passion how can we not also talk about Ruben. A smart boy with a very energetic spirit, also recognizable by his predilection for glider stunts. A personality, the one of Ruben, competitive which allowed him to achieve excellent results. He has always managed to keep the goal firmly in front of him, and reached the GOAL in a linear and very worthy way.
The students all followed the MODULAR ATPL course, and obtained excellent results in all the STEPS provided by the path, and once the last step was concluded, they were the first to benefit the PARTNERSHIP, stipulated by our ATO a few months earlier, with the company SmartLynx Airlines.
A partnership, signed last October, which is very advantageous which allows our students to continue with the advanced training phase in the airline's "Training Center", which provides the TYPE RATING certification on AIRBUS A320 aircraft.
Today, Andrea, Ruben, Alessandro and Gianpaolo, after passing the TYPE RATING, have been formally hired by the airline SMARTLYNX AIRLINES and their brilliant career as pilots on AIRBUS A320 has begun.
We can only BE PROUD to have been represented by these first four young pilots who gave us during the training and who continue to give us intense satisfactions.

Great Job guys.
Cantor Air STAFF

OPEN DAY 2020 - Prenotazioni aperte!

Siamo da poco rientrati da Roma dal Pilot Career Live che, come ogni anno, si dimostra essere un grande evento mirato a riunire tutti gli appassionati dell’aviazione, che vogliono fare della loro passione il loro scopo di vita lavorativo.
Come sempre allo stand della Cantor Air si sono presentanti tantissimi giovani che volevano conoscere e saperne di più sulla realtà della nostra scuola, che sempre di più si colloca sul mercato tra le migliori ATO (Approved Training Organization) a livello europeo.

Open Day 2020 Cantor Air

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Open day 2020 - Chiuse le prenotazioni!

Informiamo che i posti disponibili per l'Open Day del prossimo 9 Febbraio 2020 sono esauriti!
Invitiamo tutti coloro che non hanno potuto prendere parte all'Open Day ad inviare una mail a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. o chiamare lo 035520035 per organizzare una visita dedicata ed approfondire la conoscenza della Scuola di Volo.

Ringraziamo tutti per le numerose richieste pervenute! Vi aspettiamo domenica 9 febbraio!

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ANDREA, the name of this new success

Andrea Micheli, born in 1991 and from Trento, brought up, as well as his colleagues, the name of the ATO, obtaining the much-desired cockpit seat on the companies EMBRAER 195 - Lufthansa group - AIR DOLOMITI.
The story of Andrea, however, is different; he started with the idea of ​​becoming an helicopter pilot, but once he obtained the CPL (H) license he realized, in March 2018, that he wanted to change ‘vehicle’ and reach all the necessary qualifications to become a PROFESSIONAL PILOT, but this time of AIRPLANE .

He has thus decided to join out ATO and work alongside our professionals to carry out the license conversion from CPL (H) to (A) and with great determination and merit, he succeeded in his goal.
Andrea's journey was admirable; very careful to the Flight Instructors feedbacks, from which he has been always able to take points on which optimize himself and improve his skills, as well as a willing guy who, thanks to the strong qualities that characterized him, passed all the theoretical and practical exams at the "FIRST ATTEMPT" with GREAT RESULTS.
An exemplary student who perfectly symbolizes the ATTITUDE of the student pilot with whom our school wants to confront. Essential requirements, such as dedication, responsibility, commitment, as well as passion - which turns out to be the most stimulating background - are FUNDAMENTAL qualities for those who want to succeed in this goal, just as ANDREA witnessed.
Now for our ‘newly’ pilot will start the most exciting phase, which will see him busy for 1 month and a half to face the TYPE RATING, and so to acquire the qualification on the company's EMBRAER 195.

Bravo Andrea, proud to have been the means that led you to success!
Now it's completely up to you, IN BOCCA AL LUPO!


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