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Acrobatic Rating Course

Objective of the Course

The objective is to train students of the course for the achievement of the "AEROBATIC RATING" according the Italian legislation, to allow the holder to operate in absolute safety  during Acrobatic Flights.

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Course Length

The Course can be carried out in a minimum of four weeks, but can be adapted to the needs of the candidate.

Theoretical instruction: 10:00  
Practical instruction: 10:00  
Final Check: 01:00  


Pre-Admission Requirements

Pilots who require admission to the course for the issue of "AEROBATIC RATING" must meet the following requirements:

  • Being a PPL holder;
  • Having an experience of not less than 100 hours total flight time, 50 of which as PIC;
  • Being rated in the TW (Tail Wheel) rating for difference*

* NOTE: This rating can be carried out before the course with our aircraft CAP10 according to the programs approved at the ATO CANTOR AIR.

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