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The Objective of the Course

To train the students of the course for the acquisition of the terrestrial multi-engine aircraft MEP (land)  qualification and their differences, attested for a single pilot (SPA) that allows (subject to any other conditions specified in the JAR regulations) the possibility to operate as a pilot on the classified aircrafts specified in the qualification.

The Duration of the Course

The duration of the course, which must be continuous, is normally covered over 6 months from the beginning of the course, but it can be adjusted to the needs of the candidate. The practical exam must be completed within 6 months after the conclusion of the course.

Hours of MEP Theoretical Education: 15:00  
Hours of MEP practice on a airplane: 6:00  
Hours of MEP + IR practice on a airplane: 11:00  

Prerequisite of Admission

Pilots requiring admittance to course and to the related verifications for the release of the qualification shall meet the following requirements:

- to be the holders or be placed in a program for the acquisition of a flight license;
- to be in possession of the medical appropriateness of first or second class;
- to have a total of 70 hours of flight as PIC.


Conditions of the Exam Admission

The final exam of the course for the acquisition of the qualification also demands to meet the following requirements.

- to have completed the expected theoretical education;
- to have completed the minimal expected flight activity;
- to have passed any exams prepared by the school.

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