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Type Rating - PA-46 SET

Aim of the Course

The aim of the course is to train the student pilot, applying for the first type rating on single engine, single pilot  PIPER PA 46 aircraft (on one of the version requested), that allow, according to the EASA part FCL  requirements and the relevant EASA OSD (if applicable), to act as pilot in command (PIC) on PIPER PA 46 aeroplanes.

Pre-Entry Requirements

Applicant shall hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of a course for additional theoretical knowledge undertaken at the ATO [HPA course (see AMC1 FCL.720.A(b)(2)(i))] or have passed the ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge examination, or hold a valid ICAO ATPL(A) or CPL/IR with  theoretical knowledge credit for ATPL(A), preferably IR (A)qualified. In addition, the applicant must have at least 200 hours of total flying experience, of which 70 hours as PIC on aeroplanes.


Credits for Previous Experience

No Credits are Considered

Training Syllabi

The course shall comprise:

  • Theoretical knowledge instruction to the PA 46 type rating knowledge level;
  • Visual flying training PA 46
  • Instrument flying training PA 46


Classroom Hours (Each Version): 15:00  
Flying Hours (Each Version): 10:00  
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