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Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) Course Advanced


Taking advantage of the great potentials of the CAP 10C, Cantor Air flight school has set, starting from 04/09/18, the program and the start of the certification for the Upset Recovery Training (under the ICAO DOC 10011) distinguishing itself once again, as one of the first European ATOs to obtain the above certification. Since 2020, CANTOR AIR also offers the UPRT COURSE under the EASA PART FCL.745a - with 2 different offers: UPRT ADVANCED and UPRT INSTRUCTOR COURSE.
The expression derives from 'upset' - which indicates a turbulence, overturning or overturning situation that the aircraft may face - and from 'recovery' which indicates instead the subsequent recovery (control) action with the recovery and / or ascent of the vehicle. In a nutshell, the Upset Recovery represents that set of techniques to put the aircraft back in the right trajectory from the 'unusual' (i.e. abnormal) settings in which the pilot can find himself.

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The American NASA Aviation Society Program and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have established the 'Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid' program since 1996, implementing it in 2004 and 2008 with the 'High Attitude Operations': these integrations were born for the situations details that can happen during high-altitude performances, such as stunts.
These recommendations, in addition to the major airlines in the world, have also been implemented by individual states and have now become mandatory in the countries of the European Union, for all the commercial license holders who will start TYPE RATING, starting from 20 December 2019: document 1011 ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) is an additional tool to protect professionals and lovers of flight, teaching them to recognize anomalous situations.


The UPRT program focuses on its design to meet three distinct areas / objectives:
a) greater awareness of potential threats deriving from events, conditions or situations;
b) effective avoidance - at the early indication of a potential condition causing disturbance;
c) effective and timely recovery - from a disturbance to restore the aircraft to safe flight parameters.

The effective development of the UPRT program and the support of regulatory frameworks require an integrated global approach to ensure the standardization of knowledge and skills levels within the Cantor Air pilot community. This integration effort includes the following components:
a) 5 hours of lessons on aerodynamics, LOCI (LOSS OF CONTROL IN-FLIGHT) and specific situations in
b) minimum of 3 hrs of UPRT flight on CAP 10 aircraft concerning specific unusual attitudes and LOCI prevention.
There are no theoretical or practical exams for this training.
In the last flight mission, the student must demonstrate the competence and ability to recover from a disturbing situation or potential LOCI situation.


The pilot who applies for admission to the UPRT course must meet the following prerequisites:
a. To Be at least a PPL holder or enrolled in a PPL course,
b. Have a PART MED certification based on the type of license held.

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