8 Of The Best Things About Being An Airline Pilot

Becoming an airline pilot is a very onerous aspiration, as well as intensely demanding, as you know;

Achieving flight licenses, often leads candidates and families to have to make major initial sacrifices, especially on the financial front. The effort, however, if cultivated with commitment and dedication, always leads to the achievement of the goal. A victory that represents the goal to which every aspiring pilot must aim, as there are no cheap magic formulas for becoming a trained and capable airline pilot.

Despite the great financial commitment incurred by the aspiring cadets one must grit one's teeth and look forward. Indeed, the future that awaits them is fulfilling and beneficial on countless fronts. 
"Choose a job you love, and you will not have to work a single day in your life," quoted Confucius, and our ATO CANTOR AIR strongly believes in this phrase. Our Team loves to engage with passionate young people who have decided to make their passion their working life purpose. 

And if this passion is fused with sacrifice and commitment, it will almost certainly give life to this truly rewarding FUTURE.

You ask us, "Why become an AIRLINE PILOT?" We answer, why NOT become one?

Endless Benefits...

We name just a few!

Incomparable landscapes, Incredible views

Well, we are definitely not talking about a classic office!
Deciding to be a pilot, you get to experience the world from a new perspective and explore new horizons every time you fly through one office: the cockpit.
And through this room, so complex and full of instruments and switches, the Pilot has the opportunity to see, like no other in the world, natural spectaculars all the time.
In fact, the Pilot witnesses breathtaking views every day: sunsets, sunrises, weather events near and far, and discovers the most characteristic cities but from above, and more.

Learn about new destinations and cultures

Becoming a pilot gives you the opportunity to TRAVEL. Traveling leads to learning about new destinations, new languages, new people and different cultures, and allows you to explore new places you've never been before. And the benefit is that you get paid to do it!!!

Airline Pilot's Salary

Each airline has its own policies and therefore also its own salaries, but it is common knowledge that pilot pay is basically excellent. 
In addition to the factor of internal policies, the experience in the industry, the career step (between a debuting first officer and a senior captain at the end of his career there can be a difference of up to 10 thousand euros!) of the pilot, whether one works on long-haul or short-haul, and the hours flown in the month can also have an influence.  
In fact, the Pilot's salary can start from a minimum of about 1,700.00 euros in the case of first employments, reaching as high as 20,000.00 euros per month for experienced Captains in national companies.

Flexible work

Working as a Pilot also has its advantages in terms of hours. It will not be the classic job that will take you from 08:00 to 18:00 but rather, there will be flexible hours decided by the individual company.
Usually, in the most well-known companies, the Pilot tends to work from 3-5 days ON and then have 2-4 days OFF to follow in short-haul flights.

You never stop learning

There is always a new place to fly or a new airplane to learn about! Every time the pilot gets proficient in a new aircraft it is always exciting and thrilling. The true pilot approaches this new challenge with vigour and commitment, and these experiences produce continuous motivation.

You can aspire to grow!

The Pilot's work never stops. Even when the initial adrenaline disappears and you have gained such experience that your actions are almost automated, you can aspire to something new:
New company with new challenges, becoming a Captain, moving from short to long range, and so on.

Ongoing Satisfactions

Working inside a Pilot's cabin, with the responsibility of having hundreds of passengers on board, can be a daily challenge.
No day will be the same, which will make your job electrifying and encourage you to get better and better as a pilot and as a person.


Passion is the most important ingredient for success!
What could be better than turning your passion into your job?

Get all these benefits started right away: start your career NOW.
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